To all of our amazing H3 family and athletes, training again:

Many of you are having to pivot and make rapid decisions about how to manage through this fast-evolving crisis. Our dedication to continuing to serve our athletes/families remains, and we appreciate your understanding and patience as we manage through these unprecedented and fast-changing conditions. At all times, athletes/families are at the heart of every conversation.

The health and well-being of our coaches, athletes, and communities;

Serving our athletes to the very best of our ability despite challenging conditions;

To Move forward we need each athlete/parents to complete the following waivers:

1) H3 COVID-19Waiver 2020 

2) 2020 Athlete's Waiver 

3) H3 Club Policies 2020 

    H3 COVID-19 Waiver 2020
    2020 Athlete's Waiver
    H3 Club Policies 2020