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MUD GIRL  SPORTERA INC.   Disclaimer and limitation of liability

Discharge and waiver of claims, acceptance of risks and warning of danger or death.

1. I understand that the MUD GIRL is a risky activity and I confirm that my participation is voluntary.

2. I understand that the MUD GIRL race presents extreme and potentially dangerous obstacles such as (but not limited to) slippery surfaces, cargo nets, stacks of tires, tunnels, climbing walls.

3. I understand that some of the risks involved in undertaking an activity of this nature are related to my physical capacity and current health status, and to my own awareness, attention and skills, and how I conduct myself participating in the activity. I am aware that I am healthy and I agree not to participate unless medically able to do so.

4. I understand that the host hosting the event does not manage, produce, perform or organize this event. It is only the place of reception.

5.I understand that our associate medical team does not manage this event but acts as a volunteer for medical support.

6. I agree not to consume alcohol prior to the MUD GIRL Race or not to consume medications or substances that will affect my mental state or physical ability to safely participate in the MUD GIRL Race.

7. I agree to be bound by any decisions of a race official regarding my ability to participate safely in the race.

8. I agree to abide by civil and criminal laws at all times.

9. I accept all risks associated with my participation in the MUD GIRL race including, but not limited to: falls, contact with other people, negligence on the part of other participants, completion of all obstacles, defects the terrain of the race and the effects of weather. All these risks are known and evaluated by me.

10. I agree that Sportera Inc. and the host location are not responsible for any theft of personal belongings or items lost at the MUD GIRL event.

11. I consent to all care or emergency medical transportation in order to obtain treatment in case of injury deemed necessary by health professionals. This discharge extends to any liability arising out of, or in any connection with, medical treatment and transportation provided in case of emergency.

12. I accept and respect the conditions of the race MUD GIRL which prohibits the presence of animals, the use of stroller of racing or any other means of transport rolling.

13. I understand that Sportera Inc. and the host location do not provide any insurance, either life, medical or liability, for any illness, and/or accident, and/or injury, and/or loss, and/or damage that may arise in connection with my participation in and attendance at the Mudgirl race. I assume all expenses related to any type of damage (personal or property), and/or loss, and/or death, and/or illness and/or injury, to medical expenses and/or emergency resulting from my participation in the Mudgirl race.

14. I hereby consent to all rights, title and interest in all photographs, images, video or audio recordings or other record taken or captured in the MUD GIRL race in the interest of Sportera Inc. Sportera Inc. hereby confers on me limited non-exclusive use of the rights and permits to use for non-commercial purposes only.

15. I agree that all entry and service charges are final and non-refundable.

16. I agree that the organizers of the MUD GIRL race reserves the right to cancel the MUD GIRL race in the event of accidents, labor disputes, acts of war or terrorism, military or armed conflicts, insurrections, rebellions, riots , explosions, lightning strikes, earthquakes, fires, storms or if at the discretion of Sportera Inc. such acts result in the cancellation of the event for security reasons or if Sportera Inc. cancels the events for any other reason within 48hr of prior notice before the start of the race. In the case of cancellation as such, no refund will be allowed.

17. I understand and accept that I am expected to behave appropriately at all times and that I will obey all laws. This includes, in general, respect for the participants, the equipment and the equipment made available. Sportera Inc. may exclude me from the race without any refund if, in its sole judgment, it believes that my dangerous behavior is detrimental to safety or adversely affects the race, participant, equipment or property of any kind.

18. I understand and accept that some barriers may go below or through water that has not been treated for toxic products, diseases or any other contamination.

19. I understand that the MUD GIRL race may include wildlife, insects and plants and I assume the risk of participating in the MUD GIRL race. I declare to the best of my knowledge that I have no medical, physical, or mental disorder that may interfere with or prevent my participation in any physical or related activity associated with the MUD GIRL Race. When I register online, my online signature will replace and have the same legal value as an original signature. I understand that my entry will be refused if the signature of an adult participant or parent / guardian of a minor participant is not complete at the date and place of the event. I understand that Sportera Inc. is committed to organizing its race and activities in a safe manner and is committed to ensuring the safety of its participants. I understand, however, that participants and parents / guardians of a minor registering for the race and its activities must acknowledge that there is an inherent risk of fall-related injuries which may result in paralysis, permanent paralysis, or even death by choosing to participate in activities and entertainment program like the MUD GIRL race. I am solemnly responsible for determining whether I or my minor child is physically fit and able to participate in this race in accordance with this agreement.


I acknowledge and agree that there is a risk of physical injury to participants in the MUD GIRL Race and I voluntarily agree to assume the full risk of any injury, damage or loss regardless of gravity that my participation in such activity. I assume all risks and incidental hazards of participating in the MUD GIRL Race and I hereby indemnify, hold, and hold harmless and indemnify Sportera Inc., the host, the medical team and all partners, directors, representatives, executors, or any third party from and against any and all claims, lawsuits, demands, claims, controversies, requests for mediation, costs and / or injuries , known or unknown, present or future that could be caused directly or indirectly by my (my child's) participation in the MUD GIRL race. I hereby declare that I have read, analyzed, understood and accept all the terms and conditions of this release and waiver of my right and that I give my consent in a free, informed and voluntary manner.

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