Digital climbing waiver is the guardian of your safety.


It is critical that all participants adhere to and follow all protocols and procedures established by the University and the OAP. This includes following all directions and instructions given by University or OAP personnel. By filling out this form, you are giving your consent to being held responsible for your actions and adhering to the institution's stated protocols and procedures.

I accept full responsibility for my own safety while in the Eastern Oregon University Climbing Center. I agree to abide by, and help enforce, the following safety policies and rules. 

This form is good for a period of one calendar year from the date it is signed. You agree to abide by all policies and regulations during this time period. 


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OAP Climbing Center Operation Rules and Requirements


All participants must pass a basic safety check and complete an activity waiver form before climbing. OAP staff have the authority to refuse service and seek the removal any individual from the premises who demonstrates unsafe behavior or refuses to comply with the following guidelines.

General Climbing Rules

  • All climbers must have a signed waiver on file. This waiver expires after one year.
  • Climbers must receive safety check by OAP staff. 
  • A belay certification card must be displayed on harness. 
  • Belay certification required for any participant utilizing the top rope wall. 
  • No lead climbing without certification. 
  • Lead climbing certification card must be displayed on harness.
  • All youth under 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or authorized chaperone. 
  • All youth under 16 must be belayed by certified adult. Kids under 16 cannot boulder over 6' in height unless supervised by an experienced spotter. 
  • Top outs are not allowed on the bouldering wall. 
  • Climbing shoes are required. No street shoes allowed on mats. 
  • Auto belay orientation required prior to use. 
  • No swinging on the rope. 
  • No loose chalk - only chalk balls or liquid chalk. 
  • Food and drink in open containers are not allowed. 
  • No ear buds or headphones on top rope wall or lead climbing pillar. 

Lead Climbing Rules

  • All lead climbers and belayers must be approved to lead climb and belay by OAP climbing center staff and must wear a lead belay card on their harness while climbing or belaying.
  • Leader climbers must use proper climbing and clipping techniques. These include but are not limited to: a) No back clipping. b) No rope behind your leg. c) No Z clipping. d) Leader must clip all quick draws and anchors on lead walls.
    • Belayers must be always attentive while climber is “on belay”. Belayers must always be in a standing position and must not wear earbuds or headphones.
    • Both anchor bolts must be clipped to top rope a lead route.
    • Leader climbers must not take intentional lead falls and are not allowed to hang their own quickdraws.  
      • Lead belayers must spot climbers until they have clipped the first bolt.
      • Lead belayers must stay within 4’ of the wall for the duration of the first four clips, and within 8’ of the wall for the remainder of the climb.
      • Lead climber must remain directly “on belay” at all times off the ground (no rappelling).
        • Down leading is not allowed.
        • Leader climbers must use an UIAA/CE approved rope when lead climbing.

    Bouldering Rules

  • All climbers must receive an orientation from OAP staff prior to using the bouldering area.
  • Youth under the age of 16 must be actively supervised by a parent/legal guardian or authorized chaperone. 
  • When in the bouldering area you must not be underneath another climber unless spotting.
  • Youth under the age of 16 must not boulder higher than 6’ unless supervised by an experienced spotter.
  • Topping out on the bouldering wall is prohibited.
  • Bouldering is not allowed in the top rope area. 
  • Down-climb whenever possible.
  • Bouldering is not allowed in the top rope area. 
  • Be aware of the possible fall trajectory of other climbers.
  • Refrain from walking under climbers or climbing over other people.
  • Spotters are recommended when climbing 12’ or higher. 
  • Yield right of way to climbers already on the wall.
  • Spotters are recommended when climbing 12’ or higher. 
  • No Loose chalk. Chalk balls or liquid chalk only.
  • Please do not wear a harness or weight vest while bouldering.
  • Remove everything from your pockets before bouldering.
  • No water bottles, workout equipment, or other personal items are allowed in the bouldering area.

Auto-Belay Rules

  • Auto-belay users must get an orientation from OAP staff prior to climbing.
  • Climbers using the auto-belays should follow the posted instructions for clipping in and out of the auto-belays.
  • The auto-belays are only for climbers who weigh between 22lbs and 330lbs.
  • Auto-belay climbers are only allowed to climb routes directly underneath the auto-belay and must not veer onto adjacent top rope routes.

Drytooling Rules

  • All drytoolers must receive an orientation by OAP staff prior to climbing.
  • Tethers are required. The tethers must be attached to the climber’s end of the rope via a small locking carabiner that will not slide below the tie in knot. Tethers must not be attached to the climber’s harness.
  • Both the drytooling belayer and climber must wear helmets and eye protection.
  • Crampons are not allowed. 

Multi-Pitch/Rappel Training Station Rules

  • No climber is allowed to top out on the bouldering wall or use the multi-pitch/rappel features on the wall without OAP staff authorization.
    • The multi-pitch/rappel station features can only be utilized during the process of an official OAP sanctioned clinic or course supervised by an authorized OAP staff member.

Youth (Under the age of 16) Climbing Policies

  • Youth under the age of 16 are only allowed in the climbing center during our top rope hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday: 4-9pm and Saturday: 11-7pm.
    • Exception given to youth participating in group reservations, clinics, and camps.
  • Kids must be older than age 4 to climb.
  • Kids under 16 are only allowed to climb accompanied by a parent/legal guardian or authorized adult chaperone.
  • All participants under 18 must have a youth waiver on file signed by their parent or legal guardian. This waiver expires after one year.
  • Participants under 16 cannot belay and must always be accompanied by a belay certified adult when top rope climbing.
  • Only two participants under 16 are allowed per certified adult.

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