Several steps to create a signature template with digital beauty waiver software

Thank you for choosing The Standard Hair.Lash.Brow for your hair needs! Before your service, we require this paperwork to be completed. Thank you!

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Liability Waiver

I have been made aware that I am choosing to receive a service. I have made my stylist aware of all of the processes I have used on my hair in the recent months to assist in their assessment of my hair's current status and the process that I need to achieve my desired results. I realize that this is very important information and that any information I withhold regarding my previous processes will increase my chances of damage and the potential for unpredictable chemical reactions. Chemical processes may cause some damage to the integrity of my hair. I acknowledge there have been  products recommended by my stylist to improve the health of my hair as well as maintain the results after the service. By signing below, I acknowledge that I have discussed my expectations with my stylist. I am aware that my stylist has been trained in the service technique and that they will do their absolute best to create the best results and therefore I will not hold liable The Standard Hair.Lash.Brow or my stylist if the process has unexpected or undesired results.

Photo Release Consent

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