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Hothead Hair Extension Waiver

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My responsibilities:

•    I will only use the proper Hotheads Home Care products for my extensions.
•    I will use the recommended brush to maintain my hair and keep from excess moisture by blow drying on a cool or warm setting, not hot; I will sleep with my hair in a loose, low ponytail or braid (Stylist will not be responsible for dread-locked or damage caused by missed appointments)
•    I will not wear my extensions longer than recommended.
•    I will not try to “fix” my own extensions, or cut them in any way.
•    I will not try to remove my own extensions.
•    I will follow all recommendations by my stylists, including when to replace extensions that can no longer be used.
•    I will brush hair the recommended 2-3 times daily.

Stylist responsibilities:

•    Stylist will provide care instructions for extensions. Stylist may recommend purchasing Hotheads Clean Shampoo, Smooth Conditioner, Silky Smooth Hydrating Masque, Restore Keratin Support, Gloss Polishing Serum, and Hotheads Brushes.
•    Stylist will make sure you understand and agree to the entire extensions service, including care and maintenance.
•    Stylist will not apply extensions to overly damaged, oily, or hair that is not suitable for Hotheads or for peoples whose hair remains damp for long periods (IE lifeguard or swimmer)
•    Stylist is not responsible for damage to scalp, hair, and loss of extensions from improper use or care.
•    Stylist may perform two minor adjustments within the first four weeks of your initial extension application for free. After that, client will be charged for such “fixes” by the hour. Fee will be equal to that of corrective color.
•    Removal and maintenance will be done by the stylist for an hourly fee, which will be due upon completion.
•    Payment for installation, removal, and maintenance will be made in full upon completion unless other written agreements have been made.
•    Stylist reserves the right to terminate the entire extension process if he or she feels that the hair is being compromised in any way.

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