The online event waiver system has a powerful influence on International Schools.


I confirm that

I waive all rights to make liability claims against the organizers, team captains and coaches of the Chinese International School dragon boat team (hereafter, referred as "Team") as well as against the municipalities where training and races will take place, helpers and any sponsors, their representatives, agents or successors in title. This waiver shall apply in particular to damage to property and injury or death which may result from participation in the practices and races.

I am physically capable of participating in the event and swimming a minimum of 100 meters when fully clothed.

By participating in or attending any Training, Races or Events organised by the Team, I authorise the Captains and all members of the Team to use the pictures and sound recordings made of me during and after my participation in such Races or Events for the purpose of promoting the Team, and the School, including to potential sponsors of the Team and the School, and for promoting and encouraging team spirit and unity.

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