Participants need to fill out and sign a digital physical activity waiver form before joining in the activity.

Your Tribe Waiver

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Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability

I, the participant specified below, have enrolled in the personalised health and fitness program offered by Sarah Murphy trading as Your Tribe. I recognise that the program may involve strenuous physical activity including, but not limited to, muscle strength and endurance training, cardiovascular conditioning and training, and other various fitness activities.

I, the participant specified below, am aware that there are significant risks involved in all aspects of athletic activities and physical training. These risks include, but are not limited to: falls which can result in serious injury or death; injury or death due to negligence on the part of myself, my training partner, or other people around me; injury or death due to improper use or failure of equipment; strains and sprains. I am aware that any of these above mentioned risks may result in serious injury or death to myself and or my partner(s).

In consideration of my participation in this program, I hereby release Your Tribe and its principals, agents, employees, trainers, and volunteers from any claims, demands, and causes of action as a result of my voluntary participation and enrolment.

I, the participant specified below, fully understand that I may injure myself as a result of my enrolment and subsequent participation in this program and I hereby release Your Tribe  and its agents from any liability now or in the future for conditions or injuries that I may obtain. These conditions and injuries may include, but are not limited to, heart attacks, muscle strains, muscle pulls, muscle tears, broken bones, shin splints, heat prostration, trauma, anxiety, fears, injuries to knees, injuries to back, injuries to foot, or any other illness or soreness that I may incur, including death.


I, the participant specified below, accept financial responsibility for any injury that I may cause either to myself or to any other participant due to my negligence.

I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Your Tribe, their principals, agents, employees, trainers, and volunteers from liability for the injury or death of any person(s) and damage to property that may result from my negligent or intentional act or omission while participating in activities offered by Your Tribe . This includes but is not limited to parks, recreational areas, playgrounds, areas adjacent and/or any area selected for training by Your Tribe.

Photographs or video

I, the participant specified below, acknowledge that I may be photographed or videotaped during training. I hereby consent to the use of these photographs and/or videos without compensation, on the Your Tribe  website or in any editorial, promotional or advertising material produced and/or published by Your Tribe .

Important Note: I am aware that this agreement is ongoing and will apply to all future occasions I participate in athletic activities and training with or at the direction of Your Tribe. If any portion of this agreement is held invalid, I agree that the remainder of the agreement shall remain in full legal force and effect.

I have read and understand the above statements. I understand that by signing it obligates me to indemnify the parties named for any liability for injury or death of any person and damage to property caused by my negligent or intentional act or omission.

Fees & Payment

You agree to pay to Your Tribe weekly in advance each Monday in the amount as per your chosen Package Type (Fees), as advertised from time-to-time by Your Tribe. Your Tribe may charge any Fee on a pro rata basis for any billing period that is not a whole week.  You must complete a direct debit authority form and authorise Your Tribe  to deduct from your bank or credit card the Fees. Your Tribe may reasonably refuse to provide Training to you if you have not paid the required Fees.

You may suspend your fees no less than 48 hours’ written notice from the scheduled debit time, via email. For a period up to 4 weeks.

Attendance, Cancellation & Refunds

It is your responsibility to show up on time for booked training sessions. You may cancel booked training sessions/payments with no less than 24 hours’ written notice from the scheduled start time/debit time, via email to:  [email protected]

Refunds for fees paid for unattended training sessions will only be given where you provide a medical certificate showing that you were ill, injured or otherwise physically incapable of training, and where the Training session was cancelled in accordance with above. No other refunds shall be offered, other than at the absolute discretion of Your Tribe.


I hereby affirm that I am in good physical condition and do not suffer from any known disability or condition which would prevent or limit my participation in this exercise program. I am not obligated to perform nor participate in any activity that I do not wish to do, and that it is my right to refuse such participation at any time during my training session. I understand that should I feel light-headed, faint, dizzy, nauseated, or experience pain or discomfort, I am to stop the activity.

I understand that an exercise/nutrition/fitness program has certain risks. I take sole responsibility and take it upon myself to notify my trainer if there are any changes in my current health/health complications or injuries. I have to the best of my knowledge provided true and accurate information regarding my current health

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