Electronic boating waivers ensure your safety while boating.

Boating & Safety Rules

GoBoat Rules & Safety

·         Anyone using the tiler must be sober & everyone to follow the Alcohol Policy. *

·         Everyone 16 years and under must wear a lifejacket. *

·         Anyone using the tiler must be 18 years old or over. *

·         Keep hands and legs within the boat at all times. *

·         Any reports of anti-social behaviour or drunkenness will mean your hire period will end, and no refunds will be offered.

·         Customers are liable for any damage to the boats, as outlined in the terms & conditions you have already signed.

·         The safety equipment is situated under the skipper’s seat. We recommend wearing lifejackets.

·         If someone falls overboard, pull Kill Cord on engine immediately. Go to their assistance as soon as possible. Throw rope provided in boat.

Rules & etiquette of the canal

·         In open water try and stick to the middle of the canal where possible to avoid muddy, weedy sides & shallow water and other boats.

·         If there is oncoming traffic, the rule is “Keep to the right”. Make sure the other boat has enough room to pass.

·         Expect wind to impacts performance – use power to control the boat in wind.

·         There are no bridges en route where two boats can fit through together. If you see oncoming traffic stop in a safe place to let other boats through.

·         4 mph is the speed limit. Around other moored boats and wildlife it’s best to slow down.

·         Customers can’t moor up to the sides, except in emergencies. You can use the sides to stop though, and you can hold onto other boats if required.

·         Keep a safe distance from all other boats. This includes trip boats and paddleboarders.

·         Respect all wildlife and our neighbours. People live on the canals, so keep the noise down.  

The route

·         Customers are to review and understand all the navigational hazards of the route highlighted on the map on the boat.

Controlling the boat

·         Twist throttle clockwise for forward, anticlockwise for reverse, middle for neutral. The further you twist, the faster you go. You can use the reverse to stop the boat quickly.

·         Tiler steering – Pull or Push in the opposite direction of the direction you want to go whilst going forwards. To reverse, point prop to where you want to go. Always Look where you are going.

·         Follow the instructions of the staff on leaving and returning to the Pontoon

·         The kill cord stops the engine and the propeller immediately. Use it in case of emergency.

·         To avoid a collision you can put the boat into reverse to help stop the boat.

Rubbish avoidance

·         There are plastic bags & rubbish on the canals which can get in propeller causing tiler to shake

·         Avoid them if you can, or reduce boat speed through areas of lots of weed.

·         If you do get caught, first try to reverse, then accelerate to see if it shakes it off.

·         If it doesn’t, remove kill switch and you can use the boat hook to remove objects. Make sure you are in a safe part of the canal to do so. Never use your hands. Call us if necessary.

Contact details

·         Timings on the map are indications, but it is your responsibility to return on time.

·         See sticker on our boat for our contact number, which you can call at any point on your journey.

·         Please let our staff know if you have any questions before departure.

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