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3315 North Benzing

Orchard Park, NY 141217

Membership and Waiver Agreement

Underground Gym urges you to obtain a physical examination from a physician prior to using any exercise equipment or embarking upon any training program we may offer or you personally undertake. All exercises, training, instruction, including, but not limited to the use of free weights, cardio equipment, plate weight stations, group classes and any other modality including swiss balls, medicine balls and resistance straps shall be at the client’s/member’s sole risk. The client/member understands that the agreement to use or select equipment modality shall be the client’s/member’s entire responsibility and Underground Gym shall not be liable for any claims, demands, injuries, damages or actions resulting from client’s/member’s use of the facility, its equipment or programs at Underground Gym or outside Underground Gym. Additionally, the client/member will hold Underground Gym, its officers, owners, agents, employees and affiliated trainers harmless from all claims which may be brought against them by the client’s family, heirs, assigns and/or third parties, either now or in the future.

I certify that I am voluntarily participating in activities at Underground Gym and will accept any and all inherent risks of injury, either minor or fatal. Further, I agree to hold Underground Gym harmless for ordinary negligence on the part of any of the parties listed above. I affirm that I am of legal age and freely signing this I understand that all clients and guests must be at least sixteen years of age. Guests or members under the age of eighteen must have a legal guardian’s signed permission to work out or participate in any program Underground Gym or its affiliated trainers may offer now or in the future. Underground Gym is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items.

Gym Rules and Guidelines:

1. Member is responsible for maintaining gym cleanliness by re-racking weights, bars, swiss balls, dumbbell’s, mats, ropes, atlas stones, fixed bars, plyo boxes, kettle bells and all other associated weight training equipment.

2. Any member who allows a non-member to gain access to the gym without notifying Underground Gym management will be subject to membership termination.

3. Any member who displays disrespectful behavior which is deemed as detrimental to Underground Gym will be terminated.

By signing below, you agree to ALL terms outlined and CANNOT hold Underground Gym OR any of its affiliates responsible for any accident, injury or personal safety.  Any activities taking place at Underground Gym are done at YOUR OWN RISK and Underground Gym cannot be held at fault.

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