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Tattoo consent


I confirm the answers I have given in this form are correct, and I have not withheld any information requested by this form. By my signature below, I give consent to the following services:


- I have been informed of the proper use of equipment for the services I am receiving

- I have been advised of all risks associated with the use of equipment required for the  services I am receiving

- I have been advised of all risks associated with the services and procedures I will be receiving

- I agree to comply with all instructions provided by the Operator.

- I hereby release Maximum Colour , its affiliates, officers, directors, agents, employees and contractors from liability for any injury, loss or damage that may result from my use of equipment or from any services provided or treatment rendered. This release binds my heirs, successors and assigns.

I certify that:

- I am 18 years or older (if younger please provide a parental consent)

- I am undertaking this procedure on my own free will 

- I am not under the influence of drugs or alcohol

- I am aware that the tattoo is permanent 

- I am aware of the risks of infection or allergic reaction

- I do not have any health issues that can interfere with the procedure

- I notified my artist before the procedure that I have diabetes, heart problems or blood-born decease (if applicable) 

I understand that it is my responsibility to take care of a new tattoo, that it is important to follow the instructions given to me by an artist, and aware of the risks the improper aftercare can cause to my health.  

Being of sound mind and body, I hereby release any and all persons representing Maximum Colour from all responsibility, now and in perpetuity. 

I accept any and all responsibility myself for any consequences that might stem from my decision to have any tattoo and related work done at Maximum Colour, that includes billing.

I understand that an estimate provided before the tattoo started may result in a different billing due to skin conditions, placement, change of size, personal pain tolerance, etc. 

I understand that the billing for tattoo session does not include bathroom, smoke and lunch breaks for the artist, however may include time for redesigning of the tattoo, in case it required a complete change due to the switch of the ideas by me. 

I agree to leave the premises of MaximumColour, or any other establishment where Maximum Colour is engaged in business, promptly upon request, for any reason whatsoever, by any agent or employee of Maximum Colour. 

agree to pay for any and all damages or injuries to any and all persons and property of Maximum Colour, or any other persons to whom Maximum Colour and representatives may become liable contractually or by operation of law, caused by, or resulting in my decision to have any Tattoos related work done by Maximum Colour. 

I agree that these waivers also pertain to and are designed to protect any and all establishments where Maximum Colour conduct business. 


I have been provided with information describing the tattoo procedure to be preformed and instructions on aftercare.I have been made aware that if I have any signs of infection, such as swelling, pain, redness, warmth, fever, unusual discharge  or odor to contact my physician. It is also my responsibility to take care of my new tattoo or piercing site according to the instructions provided, both verbally and in writing. 

I understand the difference between friendly conversation and general compliment and sexual harassments, the latter is taken very seriously and will not be tolerated under any circumstances by any participants of the tattoo session.

I release the rights to Maximum Colour and its agents to publish pictures of my tattoos.


- I have been informed about all safety measures and procedures  against COVID-19 by the service provider, and I therefore confirm that I do not experience any symptoms of cold or flue:

a) I have no fever;

b) I do not experience shortness of breath when resting, severe difficulty breathing, chest pain;

c) I have no chills, painful swallowing or stuffy nose;

for the time of my appointment and will comply with the new rules in place. 

I have not traveled outside Canada in the past 14 days.
- I except the risk of exposure to the environment with the other people possibly carrying the virus without symptoms.

- I understand that seasonal allergies have similar symptoms to the ones mentioned above, I except that a service provider might be having a seasonal allergy and agree to the service


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