With electronic tattoo waiver forms, you won't be afraid of the security of your digital tattoo waiver.

Passage Tattoo

I ACKNOWLEDGE by signing this waiver that I have been given the full opportunity to ask any and all questions which I might have about the procedure of obtaining a tattoo at Passage Tattoo.

I ACKNOWLEDGE that all my questions have been answered to my full and total satisfaction.

I ACKNOWLEDGE that I have been advised of the facts and matters set forth on this waiver, and I agree as follows:

I ACKNOWLEDGE that infection is always a possibility, particularly in the event that I do not take good and proper care of my tattoo, and in no way do I hold Passage Tattoo or its employees liable for any problems or expenses that may occur if an infection does arise.

I ACKNOWLEDGE that I have truthfully represented to the employees of Passage Tattoo that I am 18 (eighteen) years of age or older, and upon request will/have presented proper identification to attest to same.

I ACKNOWLEDGE that I am in good health and do not have any medical condition that may adversely affect the application or healing of my tattoo.

I ACKNOWLEDGE that the obtaining of this tattoo is my choice alone and I consent to the application of the tattoo.

I ACKNOWLEDGE that I am not under the influence of any and all narcotic substances, and/or intoxicating drinks/liquor at the time the tattoo is administered.

I ACKNOWLEDGE for myself, my heirs, assigns, and legal representatives to release and forever hold harmless Passage Tattoo and its employees from any and all claims, damages, or legal actions arising from or connected to in any way with the tattoo or the procedures and conduct used to apply my tattoo, in any and all places Passage Tattoo conducts business.

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