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Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) Tour Orientation Checklist for Riders

Please initial where needed, indicating the items below were explained by your Tour Guide, and are understood by you.

1. Provided an opportunity to review the Safety Video and/or Getting Started Manual

2. Wear a helmet

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Operation of the Segway PT

3. Adjust the handlebar height 

4. Power on the Segway PT and power off

5. Change from Standby Mode to Balance Mode, and back to Standby Mode, read the Balance Indicator Lights 

6. Ensure the Segway PT is in Balance Mode, and Battery charge is adequate 

7. Slowly and smoothly step on the Segway PT

8. Step down from the Segway PT without moving the machine and while keeping the platform level 

9. Move forward, backward, remain stationary 

10. Turn in place

11. Execute a controlled stop

12. Execute smooth, controlled, leaning turns around cones

13. Always leave a gap between the body and the handlebar 

14. No taking of photographs from the platform of the Segway PT

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Safety Features

15. Understand how to enable and disable Beginner Setting 

16. Recognize the Speed Limiter and respond by slowing down 

17. Recognize the Stick Shake Warning and respond by slowing down or stopping and stepping off 

18. Recognize the Safety Shutdown and respond by stepping off safely within 10 seconds and stay off 

19. Understand how the Segway PT behaves while a rider is on and off the Platform while in Balance Mode. Never let go of the machine while it is in Balance Mode 

20. Anticipate and avoid slips, trips and tips 

21. Keep both hands and feet on the Segway PT

22. Riders must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or suffer any impairment to balance

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I recognize that this Tour Orientation is a partial introduction to the features and functions of the Segway PT and is NOT the complete Product Orientation provided to Segway PT purchasers who use their machines independent of a Segway Tour Guide. I acknowledge that I need to ride conservatively, avoid abrupt maneuvers, and avoid riding in any area designated “off limits” by the Tour Operator.

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