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TTT On Site Gym Guidelines 

Training Think Tank HQ (“TTT”) is a private fitness and education facility to be used by registered and active members and their coaches.

By signing below, I the Client, understand and agree the following:

1. I am responsible to report damages or breakage to John immediately via text 3057538726. (This phone number is also on the bottom of his emails)

2. I will clean/wipe down every piece of equipment I use. This includes barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, wallballs, concept 2 equipment, assault bikes, trueform, watt bike, GHD etc… When cleaning I will use a rag and the spray Clorox provided. (DO NOT USE HANDIWIPES as they leave excess moisture which only collects dust = mud)

3. I will clean each white board after use with rags and Clorox

4. I will return or replace every piece of equipment to its proper home after use. If I am unsure I will ask. This includes ensuring that Crossfit Passion (CFP) and TTT Olympic and bumper plates are returned to their correct locations.

5. I will not bring any bags to the gym floor. I will use the black bins in the Normatec room or the CFP locker room

6. I understand that dogs are allowed at the gym however barking, specifically during CFP classes will not be tolerated and I will be asked to remove the dog. I understand that the dog must be on a leash at all times. NB: we have received several complaints from the CFP members about these issues and we cannot stress how serious this will become, for some people, if it continues

7. I understand that no children are to be on the training floor during regular hours of operation.

8. I understand the posted hours of operation are:

M-T-W-T = 6am to 7:30pm

F = 6am to 6:30pm

Sat = 9am to 2pm

Sun = closed

*** in event of weather disturbances please check with your coach prior to going to the gym in case the hours have changed***

9.  I understand that TTT and CFP share the same building and have a common floor space that has shared times. I understand that during the CFP priority times listed below I will not interfere with or pass through their workspace:

CFP priority times for shared space:

M-T-W-T-F = 6-9:30am, 12-1pm, 4:40-7:30pm

Sat = 9=10am

10. I understand there are no guest athletes permitted on the TTT training floor. TTT is a private facility that is not open to the public. CFP has a drop in policy. If I have visitors I will register them with CFP and pay the drop in fee.

11. I will not use the Jerk Blocks for anything other than lifting. (There are 5 mobile boxes for phones, water bottles, computers, cameras, white boards etc…)

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