Waiverelectronic plays a vital role in digital lash extension waivers.

I, __________, agree to have semi-permanent NovaLash extensions applied to my natural eyelashes. By signing the agreeement, I consent to the procedure of eyelash extensions by Spark Studio. 


  • I understand I am about to receive a professional service in which risks are involved. I will disclose all my eye sensitivities and past/future eye surgies. I will address any questions or concerns with Anastasia. 
  • I will refrain from oil based and glycol-containing products as they will deteriorate the adhesive. 
  • I will not curl my NovaLash extensions or use any waterproof mascara or eyeliner. 
  • I will be mindful that side/stomach sleeping could prematurely deteriorate my NovaLash extensions. 
  • I will not pick off my NovaLash extensions. Free removals are available for current clientele.
  • I will brush them morning and night with a clean lash wand. If I opt out of using the NovaLash cleansing pads, I understand that allergen buildup on my extensions is a possibility which could cause swelling in my eye area and result in needing my extensions removed. The cleansing pads will help keep the lash adhesive conditioned, flexible, and stronger. Opting out of use could result in extensions separating from my natural lashes. 
  • During the consult I was informed that I am receiving a customized set of NovaLash extensions. Curl, length, and density can be altered upon request if deemed feasible by Spark Studio. 
  • NovaLash extensions are at their best when filled every 2-3 weeks. However, several fill options are available including 0-3 week fill, 4+weeks, 5 weeks and beyond is considered needing a full set. NovaLash extensions stay attached through the 8 week lash cycle, but during this time they grow. A lot. This is the reason for requiring additional lash/clean up time in order to repair damage and growth if you rebook beyond the 3 week mark. 
  • After application, I can shower, go to hot yoga, or jump in a pool immediately!
  • I understand that there are risks associated with having an eyelash extensions. I further understand that as a part of the procedure, eye irritation, eye pain, eye itching, discomfort, and in rare cases; eye infection or blurriness could occur.
  • I understand that Spark Studio applies NovaLash extensions using the proper technique, instruments, tapes, cleaners, eye gel pads, adhesives, and removers used may irritate my eyes. I agree that if I experience any of these medical conditions that I will contact Spark Studio and consult a physician at my own expense. 
  • I understand and consent to having my eyes closed and covered for the duration of the procedure. 
  • I have been advised to not wear mascara to my lash lift appointment. Failure to remove mascara may compromise the results of my lash lift. 
  • I do not have eye surgeries scheduled within 72 hours of my NovaLash application. 

I am informing Spark Studio of the following conditions if present:
  • Current use of contact lenses which I agree to remove during the application.
  • Current use of anything such as oil-containing sunscreen or moisturizers around the eyes.
  • Current use of eye drops of any kind, prescription or over the counter.
  • Current allergies or sensitivities to instruments, fumes, cleaners, eye gel pads, adhesives, and removers that could cause my eyes to water and blink in excess. 
  • History of recurrent eye or tear duct infections.
  • Recent history of chemotherapy.
  • Other medical conditions which should prohibit or compromise the process and retention of NovaLash extentions.

    I UNDERSTAND THAT THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES FOR LENGTH OF TIME THE NOVALASH EXTENSIONS WILL STAY ATTACHED AND RESULTS MAY VARY. I understand that there are many factors that may affect the life of my eyelash extensions and I accept all risk involved. REFUNDS ARE NOT ISSUED. 

    I release Spark Studio from all liability associated with this procedure, which is performed with the utmost attention to safety and proper application using the tools and products that Anastasia has been professionally trained to use. this agreement will remain in effect for this procedure and all future procedures conducted by Spark Studio. I have read and fully understand all information in this agreement. I am over 18 years of age and consent to the agreement and to the treatment.

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