Every client who wants to have hair color need to fill out the hairstyles digital waiver form before starting the color correction service.


Due to the varying nature of color correction services, we ask each client read and sign the below acknowledging that with each color correction service, results may vary.  Your stylist will happily answer any and all questions prior to beginning the service.    

I acknowledge that the color correction services I have requested may have unintended results, including among possible side effects: greater risk of damage to my hair, an allergic reaction to hair products, irritation, burning, redness or soreness of the scalp and any other exposed skin.  I further acknowledge that I am aware that certain medications, over the counter hair dye and various medical conditions can significantly increase the possibility of unfavorable results.   

I acknowledge that I now understand the risks that may occur from the color correction services I have requested and that I have been provided with an opportunity to ask my stylist questions about the possible adverse results and risks and conduct further research and that I have decided to proceed with the requested color correction services.  I understand the risk. 

I agree that I will NOT hold my stylist, the salon or any other person responsible if the results are not intended or if I suffer from an allergic reaction, skin irritation or any other condition.   I hereby release and forever discharge the Salon, its owners, employees and contractors, including my stylist (hereinafter "the Releases") of and from all manner of actions, suits, claims, demands or damages of any nature or kind, which I may otherwise have because of unintended or unfavorable results or skin irritation or other medical conditions that may occur from provision of the color correction services by any of the Releases.  

I confirm that I had an opportunity to consider this document and to obtain independent legal advice if I so desire with respect to the details of this Acknowledgement and Release and I confirm that I am accepting this Acknowledgement and Release freely, voluntary and without duress and that I understand that it limits legal actions I could otherwise take against the Releases.

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