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Waiver of Liability

Please Read Before Signing 

I agree to the follow the safety practices and instruction as explained to me, as is posted, and take full responsibility for my safety.

I understand that working with or participating in activities around glass, hot glass, glass melting furnaces, torches, glass tools, glass reheating devices, and other related equipment involves risk of injury. 

Because I want to learn about the medium of glass including: hot glass, flameworking, kiln casting, fusing / slumping, coldworking, and studio activities, I am willing to assume the above risks. I agree not to bring a claim or sue PUBLIC GLASS or any of its representatives, managers, directors, employees, instructors, assistants, sponsors, other participants, or anyone else on account of physical or other type of injury I may sustain due to any of the above person’s or entity’s negligence. I also agree not to bring a claim or sue for injury sustained on account of my own negligence.

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Photo Release: 

Photographs and/or audio or video recordings may be taken for use on the Public Glass website and in the press, Public Glass marketing materials, and any other organization publications for the purpose of documenting and promoting educational programs. In giving consent, I agree that any such recordings are the exclusive property of Public Glass, and may be used by Public Glass without payment.

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