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Thank you for choosing Focus Health, a National Provider for American Red Cross training programs. To register for a group class or service, please fill out Registration Form below:

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Terms of Service:

In consideration of myself, my child/ children or my organization/ group participating in any Focus Health managed course or service, I state and promise as follows:
I knowingly and fully assume all risks associated with the course or service. I hereby, for myself, my child/children, our heirs, administrators, executers and personal representatives forever waive, release and discharge any and all rights and claims for damages and losses, whether monetary or otherwise compensatory, that I or my child may have against: (i) Focus Health Corp. and its Directors; and (ii) any affiliated Training Facility; and (iii) executive directors, owners, managers, employees, members, representatives and agents; and (iv) all instructors, lifeguards, participants, organizers, planners and volunteers;
The undersigned participant, organization, parent and/or guardian does hereby represent that he/she, in truth, acting in such a capacity and agrees to save and Hold Harmless and indemnify each and all liability, loss, cost, or damage whatsoever which may be imposed upon said parties because of any defect in or lack of such capacity to so act, and release said parties on behalf of myself or the minor.​
I authorize Focus Health to use my contact information to communicate any schedule updates and announcements. Focus Health will never share any client information with outside parties.
In using Focus Health training services, I consent to be photographed, filmed and audio recorded for social media and promotional purposes. My presence here acknowledges that such photographs, video or audio recording may be used by Focus Health, and/or by its successors, assignees and licensees for marketing and promotional purposes only.
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