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Only the person(s) that are listed on this Rental Agreement and above the age of twenty-one MAY drive this vehicle. The above mentioned Renter is hereby responsible for ALL collision damage to the vehicle regardless if someone else is at fault or the cause is not known. The Renter is fully responsible for the cost of any repair up to the value of the vehicle. The Renter’s Insurance may cover all or only part of the financial liability for the rented vehicle. Renter should check with their insurance company regarding their coverage and what they are and are not liable for. If there is no breach of this contract the Renter and any authorized driver is provided liability insurance and is limited to the minimum financial responsibility as required by state law. Liability Insurance will only be in excess over any and all additional collectible insurance. The above mentioned Renter hereby waives all uninsured and under insured motorists, no fault and any other optional additional coverage. If such additional coverage cannot be waived or excluded then the Renter agrees that such coverage will be limited to only the minimum state requirements.

The Renter is hereby bound by the terms and conditions of this Rental Agreement. The vehicle must be returned to the same location in which it was picked up for rental and on or before the above indicated due back date and time. There will be additional fees due if the vehicle is not returned as specified above. Where it is permitted by law the Renter hereby authorizes us to process their credit card information in their name for all Rental charges, including the full vehicle value of any vehicle that is not returned to the Rental Company, all fines, towing, any court costs, penalties, and or administrative fees that we may incur for parking, traffic and or other violations that may be incurred by the Renter during the Rental term period as stated above and to apply any payments made to the charges in whatever order that the Rental Company sees as necessary. By signing below Renter is also signing their is a $500 deposit required upon the time of rental and will be returned to renter if not damages were done.

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