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Lumos Skincare Studio's pre & post treatment care is always posted on the website to view. Please review before your treatment to avoid any complications. Thank you.

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I have voluntarily elected to undergo this treatment. The procedure and purpose of this treatment has been explained to me, along with the risks and hazards involved.

Although it is impossible to list every potential risk and complication, I have been informed of possible benefits, risks, and complications. I also recognize there are no guaranteed results and that independent results are dependent upon age, skin condition, and lifestyle and that there is the possibility I may require further treatments of the treated areas to obtain the expected results at an additional cost.

I have read and understand the post-treatment home care instructions. I understand how important it is to follow instructions given to me for post-treatment care. In the event that I may have additional questions or concerns regarding my treatment or suggested home care product/post-treatment care, I will consult the esthetician immediately.

I have also, to the best of my knowledge, given an accurate account of my medical history, including all known allergies or prescription drugs or products I am currently ingesting or using topically.

I have read and fully understand this agreement and all information detailed above. I understand the procedure and accept the risks. All of my questions have been answered to my satisfaction and I consent to the terms of this agreement. I do not hold the esthetician responsible for any of my conditions that were present, but not disclosed at the time of this skin care procedure, which may be affected by the treatment performed today.

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I require a credit card to hold your appointment. If you want to reschedule or cancel your appointment, you must do so 24 hours before your appointment. If you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment or are 15 minutes or more late to your appointment, you will be charged 50% of the service cost. If you do not show up to your appointment you will be charged 100% of the original service cost or one of your package services will be forfeit.

If you booked services that are two hours or longer I require a notice of 48 hours before your appointment if you need to cancel or reschedule. This includes multiple guests that have scheduled together.


When your appointment is accepted you will receive a text and/or email notification with the service you booked and the time of your appointment. You'll receive a text/email 26 hours prior to your appointment to confirm that you'll be able to make it to your appointment. A reminder will be sent out 2 hours prior to your appointment. There is no excuse for missed appointments. If you opt out of receiving notifications, it's up to you to remember your appointment. I do not do call reminders.


Purchases on services and packages are non-refundable. If, for some reason the service(s) you purchased are not beneficial for your skin, the amount paid can be used toward a different service/package at the discretion of the owner. Package deals expire one year after purchasing. The amount paid never expires.

You may exchange an unopened and unused product for a different product within 14 days of purchase. Opened and used products are not refundable or exchangeable. If a reaction occurs using a new product, I must be notified within 24 hours, proof of reaction and you must come in to have a skin analysis done. New products take an acclimation period. It's normal to experience flaking, some redness or dryness with some products. 


Only registered service dogs are allowed in the studio. No emotional or therapy animals. 

Children and multiple guests are not allowed inside the studio during the service for security and safety reasons. If you need to request that someone accompany you, please call beforehand to request permission. 

Please show up on time to your appointment as I book my clients back to back. The door will be unlocked no earlier than five minutes before your appointment. If you get here earlier than five minutes, please do not knock on the door as I'm most likely in service and do not want to disturb that client. 

By signing below you are stating that you have read, understood and are agreeing to our business policies. You understand and agree that if you late cancel or do not show up to your appointment, your card on file will be charged the appropriate fee. 

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Lumos Skincare Studio takes before pictures during the initial consult and skin analysis as well as follow-up pictures to track your progress. For progress pictures, we keep these private and are only shown to you.

​Lumos Skincare Studio uses before and after pictures as marketing and advertisement materials. As a model, you consent your before and after photos to be used as such. None of your personal information will be used and your eyes will be blacked out to hide identity. 

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