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Australian Racing Drivers Club Ltd (ABN 85 000 110 609)


Longroup - Skid Pan


23rd October 2017

Licence Agreement and Invoice Details

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Confirmation of Dates and Pricing


Circuit / Equipment / Services

Cost (+GST)

1st March 2018

Skid Pan twilight 5.30-9.30pm$1250

5th April 2018

Skid Pan twilight 5.30-9.30pm


 3rd May 2018

Skid Pan twilight 5.30-9.30pm 


 21st June 2018

Skid Pan twilight 5.30-9.30pm 


12th July 2018 

Skid Pan twilight 5.30-9.30pm 


 9th August 2018

Skid Pan twilight 5.30-9.30pm 


 20th September 2018

Skid Pan twilight 5.30-9.30pm 


 18th October 2018

Skid Pan twilight 5.30-9.30pm 


 8th November 2018

Skid Pan twilight 5.30-9.30pm 


 13th December 2018

Skid Pan twilight 5.30-9.30pm 




$45 per hour 




























Terms of Cancellation

Any date/s cancelled after signing this Form will result in the following cancellation fees, regardless if on sold to another client:

25% of circuit fee after Confirmation Form signed;

100% of circuit fee if less than 3 calendar month notice is given.

I understand once this form is returned these days are confirmed and a Venue License Agreement will be arranged. I also understand and accept the cancellation policy.

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If the Licensee chooses to use their own insurance, the policy must meet the following minimum standards and fill in the details below.

  1. Coverage extended to indemnify Australian Racing Drivers Club and Western Sydney Parklands Trust as a principal in respect of such liability.
  2. Policies to confirm the coverage applies to motorsport or applicable activities conducted on any circuit.
  3. Coverage for the use of ‘registered & unregistered motor vehicles’ or ‘registered & unregistered motorcycles’ on the circuit & surrounding areas.
  4. Public / products limit is to be a minimum of $20 million.

Please provide all Inclusions and Exclusions of the policy.

Event Day Contact

Please provide details for the contact on the day of the booking.

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Event Day Circuit Activity

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Circuit Personnel Pricing (+GST)


Pit lane / control

Fire marshals








Grand Prix





North / South





Corporate Hill





Venue Contact Details

Venue Service

Venue Contact




Wendy Frizelle

0414 869 964


Samantha Stevens

0411 494 414


The Licensee must provide details for one of the following types of insurance:

►   CAMS, AASA, RACERS or MA / MNSW Permit

►   Licensee’s own insurance (showing both inclusions and exclusions of the policy)

Circuit Personnel

This is only applicable to non-race meeting events without approved CAMS / AASA / RACERS / MA/ MNSW officials.

Spotters, a pit lane marshal and a fire marshal is required if:

►   car to pit lane radio communication is not available to all drivers; or

►   cars or motorbikes will be driven at over 100km p/hour.

Spotters are required for motorcycle events.

Please note pricing for weekend and public holidays will incur additional charges.

Medical and Ambulance Coverage

The Licensee must use the services of Ambulance Services Australia for all medical and ambulance coverage on the venue. No outside provider is permitted.

Medical and Ambulance Coverage Pricing (+GST)




Non speed events or cross country carnival


Ambulance standby for 8 hours with one ambulance Staff

Motor vehicles, non-race and motorcycle schools


Ambulance standby for 8 hours with two ambulance Staff

Motorcycle Ride Days, Motorcycle Practice


Ambulance standby for 8 hours with three ambulance Staff

Event requiring Doctor



Race Meeting

Please request

Bike track days, bike schools and bike race meetings

$40.00 consumables levy on top of Medical Cost


Protective Clothing

Protective clothing must be worn by all drivers and passengers in cars and riders on motorcycles driven at 100 km per hour or more on the circuit. Protective clothing constitutes helmets, neck-to-ankle-to-wrist non flammable clothing, and closed in shoes provided by the Licensee.

Media and Photography

The Licensee must inform the Licensor of any media activity being conducted during the booking, including photography and media. 

Food and Beverage Catering

Food and beverage catering for all bookings may only be provided by Venues Live, on behalf of the Licensor, to the exclusion of all other catering providers. No food or beverages can be brought into the venue except for personal consumption. 

Venue Security

The Licensee must use the services of Secure Events and Assets and / or VIPeople for all customer service and security requirements at the venue. No outside provider is permitted.


Sydney Motorsport Park (“SMSP”) and the Australian Racing Drivers' Club (“ARDC”), the official managing authority for the venue, encourages the media to attend SMSP for the purposes of covering motorsport events – from grassroots racing to Supercars!

Motorsport by its very nature is a dangerous sport on track, and similarly the constant movement of trucks and vehicles off the circuit also raises the need for specific site safety policies and procedures. As such, the ARDC requires that any media attending any event or activity at the venue (including motorsport experiences, driver safety and training, corporate events and general media coverage) inform the venue of their plans no less than seven (7) days prior to the event, and have their activity approved by the ARDC.

The ARDC reserves the right to deny or remove media access at any time.

Media can apply for accreditation (Credentialed Access) by using the online form found at


  • All media activity must be applied for and approved by the ARDC no less than seven days before the event/activity. Late acceptances will be made at the discretion of the ARDC.
  • Applications are made via


  • Credential Access requiring a media vest encompasses Pit Lane and all areas beyond the spectator fencelines. Restricted areas include Turn 2/3, Turn 17/18, and the South Circuit/Corporate Hill area. A detailed map and briefing notes are available upon approval of accreditation.
  • The only media vests in use at SMSP are the Sydney Motorsport Park Media vests, or current year CAMS vests. Any exception to this rule ie a hirer using their own branded vests MUST be submitted to and accepted by the ARDC, and all security and event staff notified with details and an image of the vest no later than seven (7) days before the event.
  • SMSP Vests are made available for successful applicants at no cost. Failure to return a vest will result in a $50 +GST charge invoiced to the individual, and possible restriction of future access.


·       The permission for use at Sydney Motorsport Park (SMSP) of Drones, Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and Model Aircraft will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Unless specifically permitted by SMSP, UAV’s are not permitted to be used and doing so could result in eviction from the circuit. This rule applies regardless of the size or use of those UAVs.

·       Please refer to for current documentation and to apply.

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All Licensees entering into arrangements are kindly requested to make a note of our Commercial Partners.  Please contact the ARDC for relevant contact details.

Please note that where a company has EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS, then no other company are able to promote, advertise or supply products or services within these categories at Sydney Motorsport Park. In the case of NON EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS, the ARDC strongly supports our commercial partners by promoting their Preferred Partner status.