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Travel Agreement

Please carefully read all the terms and conditions of this contract detailed below before purchasing a retreat with Michelle Ruiz / Michelle Ruiz Yoga / Near & Far ( or hereinafter, “Company”). For and in consideration for being permitted to participate in the retreat you have selected with Company (the “Retreat”), you (the undersigned) agree to accept and be bound by the terms and conditions set forth herein.

RETREAT DETAILS: Retreat details, such as information about the destination, accommodations, departure and return dates, any included meals, any included transportation, included classes (“Retreat Classes“), and payment details and due dates can be found on the Company’s website ( ) (the “Website“). PLEASE READ AND ENSURE YOU UNDERSTAND THE RETREAT DETAILS AND POLICIES DETAILED HEREIN BEFORE PAYING.

REGISTRATION: Deposit & retreat forms are required to guarantee your reservation. You will not have a reserved spot for the Retreat if you fail to provide all of the completed Retreat Forms.

CONFIRMATION AND ITINERARY SUBJECT TO MODIFICATION: After Company receives your completed Retreat Forms you will receive a confirmation email. Please contact us if you do not receive a confirmation email within five (5) business days of submitting your Retreat Forms. Thereafter, we may send you, and you consent to receive, correspondence related to the Retreat and the Company, including the itinerary for the Retreat. Such itinerary, including lodging, is subject to change and Company expressly reserves the right to modify the itinerary at any time due to availability of third party vendors, weather conditions, local conditions, or other circumstances out of our control.

DEPOSIT: Your Deposit is non-refundable. You may request to have your deposit applied to another participant’s registration for the same Retreat prior to the Payment Due Date. Your deposit may NOT be transferred to another participant’s registration for a different Retreat. 

TOTAL PAYMENT : The Total Payment is due prior to the departure date of the Retreat specified on the Website (the “Payment Due Date”). IF COMPANY DOES NOT RECEIVE YOUR TOTAL PAYMENT ON OR BEFORE THE PAYMENT DUE DATE, COMPANY MAY CANCEL YOUR RESERVATION WITHOUT NOTICE.

PAYMENT INSTALLMENT DUE DATES: If traveler is making payment installments, you agree to pay payments on time, according to the payment schedule provided via email from Michelle Ruiz. Please know that these due dates are determined by the resort / hotel / lodging and Michelle Ruiz Yoga has no control or capability of modifying these dates.

PASSPORT, VISA AND RELATED ITEMS: You are responsible for obtaining and maintaining a valid passport and all appropriate government issued ID’s, visas, permits, certificates, and/or other required documentation (“Documentation”) for the countries, jurisdictions, parks, areas, etc. you will visit during the Retreat. Company is not responsible if you are denied entry or exit to/from any country or location due to a lack of valid Documentation or for any other reasons.

BACKGROUND CHECKS: By signing this agreement, you are confirming that you do not have any felonies, warrants for your arrest or any other outstanding issues that would prohibit you from traveling to the location of the retreat. A background check will be required for some trips organized by ( Company. ) If the country / location you are traveling to is one that requires the background check, you will be notified via email by ( Company.) You will not be permitted to travel without consenting to the background check.

TRAVEL INSURANCE : We strongly recommend the purchase of travel insurance for the Retreat. You are solely responsible for the cost of any travel insurance and ensuring that you are adequately insured for the full duration of the Retreat with respect to possible illness, injury, death, property damage, loss of baggage and personal items, cancellation and/or curtailment, and/or any other potential losses, damages, costs, expenses, or liabilities (collectively “Losses”). You will be solely responsible for any Losses related to your failure to procure travel insurance. Company is not responsible for any Losses you incur and/or sustain. 

Retreat leaders are not responsible for providing medical care before, during or after your trip ( in any situation.) You must have travel insurance that covers medical for each person traveling.

VACCINATIONS: You agree to visit to obtain information on any vaccines that may be required to visit the country you are traveling to. It is your responsibility to pay for and provide documentation of vaccinations received when required. You may be asked for this documentation at border crossings, immigration, hospitals, airports so please have information on hand at all times.

PRESCRIPTIONS: This is required: If you are traveling with prescription medication, you must have prescriptions in bottle issued by doctor / pharmacy with information matching your government issued ID on the label. ( A doctor’s note is also strongly recommended for you to keep on your person while traveling. ) In rare cases, some countries do not allow certain medications to be brought in. There may be harsh penalties including arrest / imprisonment. Please familiarize yourself with the regulations of the country you are visiting. We will not personally ask to see your medication. This is your responsibility. Any repercussions with the law are your responsibility and Not the responsibility of Near & Far Retreats / Michelle Ruiz Yoga / Company.

COUNTRY GUIDELINES: It is your responsibility to know the local laws of the country you are visiting and to abide by them to the full extent of the law. Michelle Ruiz Yoga / Near & Far Retreats / ( Company ) is not, in any way, responsible for you, your belongings or any legal issues you incur if you break a law while traveling on the retreat.


1. BY COMPANY.  Company reserves the right to cancel your reservation if your Total Payment is not received on or before the Payment Due Date and you will not be eligible for any refunds of any amounts.

Company further reserves the right to cancel the Retreat prior to the Departure Date in the event an insufficient number of registrants are confirmed for the Retreat or for any other commercial reason in Company’s sole discretion and, in such an event, you will receive a full refund of the amount you remitted to Company, but in no event will Company be responsible for any other amount, including preparation costs, airfare, travel documents, or any other Losses or claimed damages. This is why we suggest Travel Insurance.

2. BY YOU. All cancellations by you must be in writing and emailed to Company at the contact email address specified on the Website. Cancellation email must be received prior to the Final Payment Due Date. 50% of any payments made by you will be refunded. If cancellation takes place after Final Payment Due Date, you may forfeit the entire amount remitted to Company or 50% depending on hotel / resort / lodging policy. The deposit is nonrefundable in all cases. This is why we suggest Travel Insurance for emergency situations.

3. EXPENSES IF I LEAVE THE RETREAT EARLY. If for any reason Participant decides to leave the Retreat early, Participant agrees that he/she will be not be entitled to any refund from ( Company ) for the remainder of the Retreat and that it is the travelers sole responsibility, not that of ( Company ) , to make his/her own arrangements needed to return to his/her home destination at Participant’s own expense and ( Company ) shall have no further obligation, duty or liability to Participant for any loss, injury, refund or other claim whatsoever.

4. UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR . It is up to the sole discretion of Michelle Ruiz Yoga / Near & Far Retreats / Retreat Leaders from ( Company ) to discontinue your participation in the retreat at any time if it is determined your behavior is a threat to fellow participants, local citizens or any persons. Breaking local laws will be automatic grounds for dismissal. No refunds or travel arrangements will be provided if this occurs.

5. EFFECT OF CHANGES OR CANCELLATION. In the event of any change or cancellation listed above, you acknowledge that you will have no right of refund of the Total Payment (whether in whole or in part ) ( unless listed above ) and no right to claim compensation for any Liabilities incurred and/or sustained by virtue of any change or cancellation.

CHECK IN / IN COUNTRY: Upon check-in at the hotel / resort / lodging, you will be required to provide a credit card with name matching your government issued ID   ( which will also be required.  ) Each person staying in the room will need to show their ID but only one credit card per room is required. 

There will be a hold for ( not more than ) $200 USD placed on your card  ( by the resort / hotel / lodging ) to cover any incidentals or other charges ( such as room service ) incurred during your stay which are not on the “What’s Included” list for your retreat. If no charges / damages are incurred during your stay, the hold will be released upon check out on your final day. If you are staying at multiple hotels, this may be required at each check in. 

PARTICIPATION: All activities during the retreat are optional. Breakfast will be our meeting point each morning where we account for all travelers and discuss the upcoming day itinerary . For your safety - If you plan to NOT be at breakfast, you agree to let retreat leaders know via call, text or email so that you can be accounted for. Contact information will be provided to you prior to the retreat and upon check in. 


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