Online waivers for tours provide huge convenience in waiver signing.

Hermanos Ocampo Fernández, S.A. covenants to offer me safety during the tour (s) through its trained personnel, certified equipment and adequate designs in its infrastructure.

I, the client understand that the activity that I will carry out is of dangerous nature. Although I am under my own risk, I am obliged to follow recommendations, instructions, and, security regulations provided by the personnel of Hermanos Ocampo Fernández S.A., as well as its Internal Operating Regulations. I agree to duly follow the guide´s instructions, otherwise I totally discharge the company, employee, supplier or sponsor associated to Hermanos Ocampo Fernández, S.A. of all civil, criminal or legal liability, in case of any accident or death, caused in the attention of such instructions or if the event is caused by negligence on my part.

It is my liability as client, not to omit any information, in case of suffering physical illness, such as heart condition, osteoporosis, pregnancy, vertigo, ear problems or other diseases that have special medical restrictions that can affect my participation in these tours. I also accept that suffering at least one of these restrictions will increase the adventure tour´s risk.   

In case of damage to material property (cameras, sunglasses, clothing, equipment, etc.) or of equipment, motor vehicles, due to my fault, malice, inexperience, or negligence or not acting by the received instructions while I carry out the tour, will be under my liability. There are no money refunds.

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