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Are you currently using or have used any of the below within the specified time frame? (Please be specific and accurate as these may have potential contra-indications with waxing services and have adverse reactions)

Accutane (6 Months)                                   

Retin-A or any other topical acne medications  (7 days)                         

Protopic/Tacrolimus, Efudex or any other prescribed topical cream (7 days)    

Armour (7 days)

Alpha Or Beta-hydroxy Acid,  Glycolic Acid (2 days)                   

Scrub or Peel (2-3 days)          

Tanning Bed (1 day)

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FAQs and Recommendations

*Our Late Policy. If you are more than 9 minutes late to your reservation, the system will  mark you as a no-show and we may have to reschedule all or part of your services. We ask that you call and let us know when you are running late.

*We recommend that hair should be at least ¼ of an inch in length in order for the wax to adhere to it.

*If you are on your menstrual cycle you may experience more discomfort than usual.

*You are still able to wax if you are pregnant however you will possibly experience more skin sensitivity due to hormonal changes. Please let your wax specialist know if you suspect that you may be pregnant.

*If you received an abrasive chemical or mechanical facial we will ask you to wait 7 days prior to receiving facial waxing services.

*We recommend waiting 24-48 hours between waxing and tanning.

*We will not perform waxing services on sunburned or irritated skin. Our wax specialists will determine if it is safe for you to wax in the room.

For more information, visit: waxcenter.com

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I understand my wax specialist will take every precaution to minimize or eliminate negative reactions. I am willing to follow the product recommendations made by my wax specialist for a home care regimen that can minimize or eliminate possible negative reactions and provide superior results. I am also willing to follow the consistency recommendations made by my wax specialist for for best waxing results (every 3 to 4 weeks).

I understand that I may experience common waxing side effects such as skin removal, redness, scabbing, bruising, scarring, swelling, tenderness, pimples and in-grown hairs. I give permission to my wax specialist to perform European Wax Center’s Four Step Waxing Process and I assume any risk, and, except as otherwise prohibited by law, take full responsibility and waive any claims associated with European Wax Center's activities and events performed by its licensed wax specialists. Except as otherwise prohibited by law, This is a waiver of any claim or action against European Wax Center - Oceanside and the wax specialist.

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