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Absolutely no parking on Kane Creek Road. In cooperation with the BLM, we MUST enforce this rule. Any vehicles parked on the road will be towed, 100%. We are not joking. We will tow your car. At your expense. Future parties are dependent upon us working with the BLM on this rule.

You MUST carpool. We have a limited amount of space for cars. If you show up alone you will pay an extra $10 for entry. If you show up too late and we are full we will turn you away. Again, there is absolutely no parking on Kane Creek Road. 

This is a Leave No Trace event. If you bring it into the event, take it home with you. In fact, do one better, pick up any trash you see and take it with you. No confetti, feather boas, fireworks, or litter of any kind. Nothing goes in the portable toilets except human waste and 1-ply toilet paper. Be an adult. We didn't invite your mom to the party to clean up after you.

No animals. Because duh, your dog doesn't want to party. We don't want your dogs poop all over this amazing property being shared with us.

Please be part of the solution, not part of the problem. A lot of people have worked very hard to make this possible. Be kind. Take care of each other. Remember your impact and influence on the environment, each other and yourself. We appreciate you being thoughtful of the energy you bring into this space.

You have the right to express yourself and create art as a photographer, videographer, and/or audio artist but unless you have prior written permission from Monkey Biz Productions LLC, you may only use photos, videos, or audio obtained at the event for personal use.

By entering this party (you) voluntarily assume all risk of property loss or damage, personal or bodily injury, serious injury or death that may occur by attending Turkey Funk Fest 19. You hereby forever release, discharge, and shall hold harmless Monkey Biz Productions LLC and its officers, directors, employees, landowners, contractors, agents, volunteers and representatives (collectively Monkey Biz Productions LLC) from any claims arising from such a risk, even if caused by the negligent act, error or omission of Monkey Biz Productions LLC.

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