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   Gear Rental Agreement

I agree to use the equipment rented today only in calm/safe waters. I understand that it is my responsibility to determine ocean conditions prior to entering the water. I understand that when a red flag is displayed at any beach park that it is unsafe to go into the water. I understand that there are certain known and unknown risks which could result from the use of the items rented and will not hold AUNTIE SNORKEL, its agents or employees or any other persons/entities affiliated with AUNTIE SNORKEL responsible for any personal injury that arises form the use of this equipment whether accident, self induced or through some other person's fault. AUNTIE SNORKEL will not be held responsible for attorney's fees that arise as a result of any claim.

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                      CHARGES FOR DAMAGED/LOST GEAR

Optical Mask        $100            Dry Snorkel         $40            Chairs                $35

Paddle Board       $1000          SUP Paddle        $150          Snorkel Fins       $35

Silicone Mask       $50              Children's Mask  $30            Boogie Boards   $100

Bicycle Helmet     $40               Bicycle                $300          Bike Lock           $30

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