Digital salon spa waiver- an intelligent waiver system servicing for the spa business.


Lockers: ONSEN HOLISTIC SPA AND TEA ROOM LLC (“Onsen”) provides its clients

with lockers for the storage of personal items. The client assumes all responsibility and
risk for lost or stolen items that were placed in lockers by client.

Spa Wear: Onsen provides its client with a clean robe, one large towel, one small towel
and slippers (the slippers are not to be used in the bathing area). While clients may use
their own robe and slippers, any such use shall be at the client’s own risk, including
without limitation, the risk of slipping/falling from improper traction on the client’s own

Video: Onsen maintains video surveillance of the premises for security purposes.
However, client privacy issues are fully respected by Onsen and there is no security
surveillance in the locker rooms, pool areas, sauna areas, spa areas, and the health
and beauty areas of Onsen.

Inappropriate Behavior: Onsen reserves the right to refuse service and/or the use of
its facilities and services to any person whose conduct is deemed by Onsen, in its sole
and absolute discretion, to be harassing, offensive, lewd, inappropriate, loud,
boisterous, or is causing or is likely to cause an unreasonable disturbance to other
clients, guests, vendors, employees, agents, and/or independent contractors. At
Onsen’s sole discretion, any such conduct, which results in the client’s expulsion and
termination of the use of the facilities and its related services, will be without refund of
moneys advanced for such use and services.

Hot Surfaces: Throughout Onsen there are a number of areas that contain extremely
hot surfaces including, without limitation, the walls, floors, doors, bricks seats, benches,
rocks and heating elements within the saunas and steam rooms. Client acknowledges
that he/she is aware of the danger and risks of contact with these surfaces.

Clients with Disabilities: Onsen provides equal access to all of its facilities for our
disabled clients. If the client needs assistance in travel to or use of any of Onsen
facilities, Onsen will provide personal assistance to ensure that our disabled clients
have full and complete use and enjoyment of Onsen.

Clothing Optional Guidelines: Onsen offers both clothing and clothing-optional
services to our guests and members so they may enjoy their experience within their
own comfort level. We promote clothing-optional services as we believe it enhances
health and wellness. In order to maximize the experience for all of our guests,
regardless of their choice to be clothed or not, we have established the following

-All guests and members must be a minimum of eighteen years of age to be
permitted in Onsen.

-No street clothes and no shoes are allowed in the spa area.

-We offer both clothing optional (same sex) days and bathing suit required (co-ed)
days. Clothing-optional services are confined to the bathing area. Patrons in any
other areas of the building, including reception area and restaurant, must be
clothed in street attire.

-Clothing-optional is not a pretext for either covert or overt sexual activity. Nude is
not lewd, but combined with sex it undermines our family-oriented image and
may result in the loss of our business license. Any patrons displaying lewd and
suggestive behavior, including but not limited to inappropriate language, gestures
or contact, will be asked to leave and be banned from future visits.

Daily Entrances. Daily entrance for the use of the spas, saunas, and pools shall be
restricted to no more than 2 hours per entrance fee. Any use of the spas, saunas, and
pools in excess of this time limit shall result in an additional charge.
Food and Beverage: Client shall not bring any food or beverage purchased from
outside the facilities into the communal bathing facility. Food and beverages purchased
at Onsen shall be permitted for consumption in the restaurant area only.

Liability for Damages: Client shall be responsible for all damages to the facilities
caused by client and client’s family members and/or guests. Client agrees that Onsen
may charge client’s credit card for any such damages.

No Cell phones/Photographs/Videos: Onsen respects its clients’ privacy and does not
permit its clients to engage in cell phone communication and/or taking photographs or
video at any time or in any part of Onsen’s facilities. This policy includes, without
limitation, the prohibition of the use of cell phones. Onsen shall not be liable for the acts
of other clients who violate this policy. If a client observes or has reason to believe that
another client has violated this policy, please immediately inform Onsen staff
management for investigation. Anyone violating this policy shall be prohibited from
using the facilities.

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