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Movement Solutions Liability Waiver

*Important: Please fill out this waiver at least 48 hours prior to Player Movement Testing

Client Responsibility

It is the client's responsibility to inform Movement Solutions of all medical conditions, treatments, and medications at their initial evaluation. 

It is the client's responsibility to inform Movement Solutions if the client is under the influence of any substance that may affect the safety of their assessment and treatment or injure someone else. 


I certify and acknowledge that Movement Solutions and their staff has advised me prior to my commencement of participation in assessment and/or treatment that such participation could result in physical injury. 

That I freely and knowingly assume the risk in such programs, and I hereby waive any right, claim, or cause of action against Movement Solutions and release the company and all affiliated staff from any liability for any injury, cost, damage expense or claim, which I or anyone on my behalf might incur as a direct result of my participation. 

Wellness Evaluation

I consent that all evaluations and treatments are categorized and carried out as wellness treatment for movement performance and are not medical evaluations. 

Photo/Video Release

I hereby authorize Movement to publish photographs and video taken of me and my name and likeness, for use in Movement Solutions print, online and video-based marketing materials, as well as other Company publications.

I hereby release and hold harmless Movement Solutions from any reasonable expectation of privacy or confidentiality associated with the images specified above.

I further acknowledge that my participation is voluntary and that I will not receive financial compensation of any type associated with the taking or publication of these photographs or participation in company marketing materials or other Company publications. I acknowledge and agree that publication of said photos confers no rights of ownership or royalties whatsoever.

I hereby release Movement Solutions, its contractors, its employees, and any third parties involved in the creation or publication of marketing materials, from liability for any claims by me or any third party in connection with my participation.

Informed Consent

If under the age of 18, I have obtained my parents’ and /or legal guardians’ consent. 

I understand and agree with each of the foregoing points.

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