A digital Tattoo Waiver is safe online.


I acknowledge by signing this agreement that I have been informed of the nature, risks, and possible complications when applying cosmetic tattoo over an existing cosmetic tattoo.                            

  • ●  I acknowledge that due to the unpredictable nature of ink from a new cosmetic tattoo
    interacting with the ink from a previous cosmetic tattoo it is not reasonably possible for representatives of this establishment, Etched Beauty,  LLC to predict exactly how the previous cosmetic tattoo may affect the results of the new cosmetic tattoo

  • ●  I understand that visible results on the day of the appointment will change over time.  Changes may include: lightening, darkening, or changing of color, increase in thickness of results, inconsistent color  deposits, fading of results. I acknowledge these changes may be more drastic due to the unpredictable nature of the ink from a previous cosmetic tattoo                             

  • ●  I understand that the visibility of the new tattoo may be undermined due to the presence of existing cosmetic tattoo. The artist has made it clear to me that the new cosmetic tattoo will be visible only inasmuch as it contrasts and is separate from the original tattoo. I acknowledge the mix of different inks may ultimately result in less contrast and less visibility.

  • ●  I consent to the application of the cosmetic tattoo  by Etched Beauty, LLC regardless of potential complications due to a previous cosmetic tattoo.

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