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·      Nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to cause you any loss of rights or inconvenience.

·      These terms and conditions and any contract concluded incorporating these terms and conditions shall be governed by Australia law and all disputes shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Australia courts.

·      Due to the nature of the experience, no photos or recordings can be taken inside the experience/ room whatsoever.

·      EXCAPE is entitled to charge the guests for any damage, which is intentional or caused by misuse of items.

·         While you are on EXCAPE premises, you must follow the rules and regulations, adopt proper standards of behaviour, and cooperate with our employees at all times.

·         EXCAPE rooms have full viewing and hearing capabilities of participants whilst they are in the room. No devices are recording and we do not keep any records of the sessions after they have completed.

·      Each EXCAPE player will be instructed before their session by their assigned Host. After learning the rules of the game, each player will participate in the session at their own risk. EXCAPE is not liable for any (personal or equipment) damages caused by themed room misuse or not following the rules described before the session.

·      EXCAPE reserves the right to refuse entry to any person who is unfit, abusive, intoxicated or unsuitable in any way at the sole discretion of the owners and staff of EXCAPE.

·      Each EXCAPE player enters the room under their own risk regarding medical history. Please advise staff if you have any phobias or concerns.  

·      Alcohol may not be brought into the premises of EXCAPE. 

·      All players at EXCAPE, by making a booking agree to undertake not to discuss, divulge or circulate any information regarding the content of the sessions or any other proprietary information. By playing the games, all players agree not to pass on this information or they will render themselves liable to prosecution under breach of confidentiality rules.

·      By entering a valid email address you agree to receive emails from Excape.

·      By participating in a photo you agree that Excape may use your the photo for the purpose of advertising. 

By signing this agreement I confirm I do not have COVID-19 nor been in contact with anybody with COVID-19 nor have I returned from oversees in the last 14 days.

As you will be entering to an escape room the rooms are subject to potential animated effects, changing lights, loud noises etc. If you have any concerns please advise staff member.

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