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Gate Entry Agreement

Nucor Steel Louisiana LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nucor Corporation (collectively with its subsidiaries and affiliates “Nucor”), is committed to the safety and well-being of its employees, contractors, visitors, and community. Entry into this facility (the “Facility”) by the undersigned (“Visitor”) is conditioned upon, and permitted in consideration for Visitor reading, signing, and agreeing to the terms and conditions of this agreement.  Failure to do so may result in a denial or revocation of access to the Facility.


·            Visitor may enter the Facility only upon receiving specific permission from a Nucor employee. Visitor may proceed only to the area he is authorized to visit, and may not enter other areas of the Facility. Visitor must have a Nucor employee escort at all times.

·            Visitors must complete any required Nucor safety training course for the Facility before accessing any restricted or work areas without direct supervision of a Nucor employee.  Visitors should contact the Nucor Safety Department or security guard at the Facility for information about the training course.

·            Access to work areas without required personal protective equipment is prohibited. Personal protective equipment requirements for Visitor include at a minimum: hard-hat, safety glasses, earplugs, long pants, and appropriate footwear; the Nucor Safety Department should be contacted for specific personal protective equipment requirements for Visitor. Visitor must also adhere to entryway signs that specify additional required personal protective equipment.

·            The following items are not allowed in the Facility without specific written permission from an authorized Nucor employee: guns, hazardous materials, radioactive materials, cameras, or audio or video recording devices. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other personal devices may not be used to take pictures, record videos or make audio recordings without specific written permission from an authorized Nucor employee.  The use or possession of explosives, alcohol, or illegal drugs on Nucor property is prohibited.

·            Minors are not allowed access to Nucor property without Nucor consent. 


  • Reporting Emergencies: In case of a fire, explosion, release of harmful substances, or other emergency, immediately inform the nearest Nucor employee.

  • Emergency Signal: Adhere to all emergency loud speaker announcements or signals and follow the instructions of Nucor employees.

  • Emergency Evacuation: If instructed to do so, Visitor shall report to designated gathering places. Visitor is to remain with his Nucor employee escort and report to such escort's designated gathering place.

  • Medical Assistance: Inform the nearest Nucor employee if medical assistance is needed.

  • Report all accidents and near misses to the Nucor Safety Department.

  • Report all chemical spills or releases of hazardous materials immediately to the Nucor Environmental Department.

If necessary, use the following Emergency Numbers: 225-331-4140


·         Use extreme caution around operating equipment, overhead cranes, welding areas, moving materials, and moving vehicles.

·         Spills from transport vehicles are the transporter's responsibility, and must be addressed to Nucor’s satisfaction. Spills of hazardous materials whether at or away from the Facility must be reported to Nucor’s Environmental Department if the hazardous material was generated at the Facility.

·         No tanks may be brought to the Facility without prior permission from Nucor’s Environmental Department.

·         Non-hazardous solid waste must be disposed of in designated on-site containers.

·            If any hazardous wastes are generated notice must be immediately provided to Nucor’s Environmental Department and disposal or transportation of the waste shall only occur in accordance with all legal requirements after approval by Nucor’s Environmental Department.

·         Visitor must comply with posted signs including No Smoking, Do Not Enter, Speed Limit, traffic signals and road signs. Trains, fork trucks and heavy equipment always have the right of way.

·         Welding and similar activities require pre-approval by an authorized Nucor employee.

·         All chemical containers brought or utilized on-site must be properly labeled and an MSDS must be provided to be placed on file with Nucor’s Environmental Department.


·         Visitor acknowledges that the manufacturing processes at the Facility are or may be in continuous operation and that there is a danger to each person (including Visitor) of property damage and/or personal injury.

·         Visitor assumes all risks of property damage and/or personal injury, including death, which Visitor may cause or incur as a result of being at the Facility, including but not limited to any damage, injury and/or death arising from Nucor’s or its respective employees' negligence.  To the fullest extent allowed by law, Visitor hereby releases and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Nucor and Nucor’s respective employees from any and all liability from any such damages, injuries and/or death and agrees and covenants on behalf of Visitor, and Visitor’s heirs and/or assigns, not to sue or make any claim against Nucor or any of Nucor’s respective employees for any such damages, injuries or death.

·         Visitor acknowledges that, except for information and materials that are (a) generally available to the public through no fault of Visitor, (b) already known by Visitor as shown by documentary evidence, (c) subsequently disclosed to Visitor by someone not under an obligation of confidentiality to Nucor or (d) independently developed without using information from Nucor, all information and materials viewed or made available at the Facility that relate to Nucor’s manufacturing processes, products, plant layout, plant operations, data, machine designs and customers are owned by Nucor, are confidential to Nucor, are trade secrets of Nucor, are disclosed in strictest confidence, and may not be disclosed to any third party.  No person shall disclose, use, copy, photograph, record or disclose any such confidential information or trade secrets without express written permission from Nucor.

·         Visitor represents and affirms that he or she is not a minor and not under any disability (legal or otherwise) which would preclude the voluntary and informed execution of this form.

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