Prepare a digital waiver form for audio recording with the WaiverElectronic system.


Audio/Video Materials Release

Permission is hereby granted to Mike Latronic and Manulele Inc., the right to use the audio and video (materials) supplied, for the production, distribution and promotion of the TV shows and other Manulele Inc’s video platforms including but not limited to "Board Stories”, “Freesurf TV” and associated works produced by Mike Latronic and Manulele Inc.

Release is granted for the useage rights and other related rights to the materials of: Please list production title and description : (example: “Pipeline action segment Feb 2019 – run time 3:00 minutes.”)

*If there are any materials provided that are NOT to be included on this release form please note them here: (example music that is not released)

The use of the material is unlimited geographically for the life of the TV shows,  online use and other electronic media created by Manulele Inc. Also these rights extend indefinitely into all mediums to include all forms of broadcast television, all forms of cable television, home video, On line, Social media and all means and mediums of video distribution in existence and yet to be created.

I warrant that as an authorized representative of the materials listed above, that I represent the ownership of the audio/video rights relating to the materials. I further warrant that there are no liens or judgments against this material and that no litigation will occur from the use of this material. If litigation does occur from the use of this material, then I, the authorized representative and /or owner of this material, indemnify Mike Latronic, Manulele Inc., Mike Latronic and Manulele Inc. clients, distribution outlets, and associates, against any legal action resulting from the use of this material and I will bear any such costs related to any such action.

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