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Hereford Board & Bike Park
Hire & Ride Booking-in Form and Liability Disclaimer Agreement.
All participants are required to read this disclaimer before adding their details and signing below before they can participate in any event at Hereford Board and Bike Park. By signing this form, they agree to observe all safety rules and regulations and also agree that they are the only person who knows their level of ability and medical history and agree to immediately inform the staff at Hereford Board and Bike Park of any medical condition that may prohibit or restrict their participation in the sport. Customers with back, knee or asthma problems should think carefully before participating. PARTICIPANTS UNDER 16 will require a parent or guardian to sign on your behalf. If you, as a parent or guardian, are not happy for pictures of your child to be used on our website; please let a member of staff know.
All Terrain Boarding and the use of dirt scooters and grass sledges can be dangerous for both the riders and spectators alike, and as such no responsibility will be accepted by Hereford Board and Bike Park for injury or accident arising to participants or spectators from use or misuse of the boards, equipment or any other facility provided by the centre in participation of the sports, with the exception of those caused by negligence of Hereford Board and Bike park staff or its representatives.
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