The Best Electronic Waiver Service Designed for Your Gym, Fitness, Yoga Business.

Perfect for online fitness waiver, yoga waiver, electronic gym liability waivers and new member registration form.

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Create Waiver Form in Two Minutes

WaiverElectronic offers a very flexible online waiver form creation tool and you can use it to create many different forms on your own. You can custom your digital waivers with your own logo and background.

  • Fitness Waiver
  • Yoga Waiver
  • Gym Waiver
  • Member Registration Form
  • New Client Intake Form
  • Fitness Evaluationt
  • Participant Consent
  • Crossfit Waiver
Waiver Electronic: Sign Electronic waivers

Waiver Electronic: Waiver Kiosk App

Collect Gym, Fitness, Yoga waivers electronically

You can collect the digitals waivers using many different platforms.

  • Download our waiver kiosk app on your iPad, Android tablets, or Amazon Fire. Convert your tablets into a waiver check in station.
  • Put the waiver link online and let your customers sign it through their own smart phones or computer browsers.

Manage Digital Waivers

WaiverElectronic Offers the best digital waiver management system which you can use to manage your gym, fitness, or yoga waivers paperless. All of your waivers will be stored in the cloud based system forever. You can search and find your previously signed waiver in seconds simply, so you can get rid of the paper piles forever.

Waiver Electronic: Manage Waivers Online


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