More Electronic Waiver Features Waiting For You to Explore

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More Features Waiting For You to Explore!

Create Online Waivers
using our template tool

You can convert your current waiver by using our online waiver creating tool. Having trouble creating the waiver template? No problem! Email a copy of your waiver in Word Doc format with your login email address to We will create your waiver for you within 24 hours.


Sign Digital Waivers
from Computer Browsers

You can share the waiver link to your customers. (email, your website or just open the link in a computer). Customers can sign the waiver before coming to your site.


Sign digital waivers
on smart phones, iPads or Android tablets

We have Apps for mobile devices available both on Android and Apple device. You can search "waiverelectronic"(one word) in app store or google play. You can download the app and turn your iPads or Android tablets into waiver kiosk.


Sign digital waivers without internet connection
on smart phones, iPad or Android tablet

Switch to airplane mode? bad internet connection? No problem! You can store locally on your phone, iPad or Android tablet and upload waivers later whenever you want by one click.


Request online waivers from your
customers in advance by email

You have known customers coming to your site? Save your time by emailing them waivers first


Create a splash page. Let your customers select and sign electronic waivers by themselves.

Set up your splash page. Copy and paste your splash page url to your website and use it in your reception desk to let your customers sign waivers by themselves.


Smarter than the paper waiver -- Minor Age Restriction

You can set the minimum and maximum age restriction on your waiver online release form. When your participants fill waivers on iPads, tablets or computers, our system will prevent participants who are not qualified from submitting waivers.


Digital Waiver Customization

You can customize your waiver by using your own logo and background.

waiver signing app

Search and find signed waivers online
in 2 seconds

By simply typing the name of your customer, you can retrieve his/her signed waiver in a few seconds.

waiver signing app

Download, view, and print your signed waivers in PDF

You can download, view and print any signed waivers in pdf. Your waivers are securely stored in our database forever.

electronic waiver

Add notes with online waiver signature to your waiver.

You can add notes with online waiver signatures to your waiver.

online waivers

Attach image to your online waivers.

You can scan the QR code using our WaiverElectronic App, then take a picture and attach it to your waiver.

digital waivers

Renew signed waivers for returning customers

Returning customers don't need to fill all the fields in the waiver again any more. You can simply search customer's name and click 'Renew', then all the renewable fields will be populated.

digital waivers

Add video in your online waivers

Let customers watch video in your waiver. Simply add the Youtube video link.

online waiver system

Connect your dropbox account and get a pdf copy automatically

Every signed waiver will be uploaded to your dropbox automatically as a pdf file.

waiver electronic app

Connect your google drive account

Every signed waiver will be uploaded to your Google Drive automatically as a pdf file. Waiver data will also be uploaded to Google Drive in spreadsheets.

online waiver system

Connect your one drive account

Waivers will be uploaded to your One Drive as PDFs as extra copies.

online waiver system

Add online waiver to your website

You can simply copy and paste the code provided by us and add the online release form to your website. Your customers can go to your website and fill waivers.

digital waiver

Send an copy of signed waiver to your customer automatically

You can choose to enable the 'Email Customer' feature. You customers will receive a copy of his/her signed waiver automatically. This feature is for both online waivers and waiver app.

digital waiver

Create a waiver group and track the completion of digital waivers in this group.

You can create a group for your participants. Provide the waiver link of the group to your participants or group leader and use the track list to track the completion of waivers in this group easily.

electronic waiver

MailChimp integration.

You can connect your MailChimp account to your waiver service! Your participant's email addresses will be added to your MailChimp email subscription list automatically.

waiver app

Constant Contact integration

We support integration of Constant Contact now! Your participant's email addresses will be added to your Constant Contact email list automatically.

waiver signing app
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