Set Up the Online Waiver Kiosk in minutes and Start to Sign Waiver Online Today!

The best waiver software that allows you to create and collect online waiver signatures effortlessly.

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The ultimate online waiver solution that provides online waiver app for both Android tablets and iPads.

Create Custom Online Liability Waiver Form in Minutes

You can create your online release form on your own using our powerful online waiver template tool. It fully supports minor liability waiver. You can also send us your existing document and we can convert it into online waiver form for you for free.

Waiver Electronic: Sign online waivers

Waiver Electronic: Sign online waivers

Sign Online Waivers on a Computer

After creating your online digital waiver, you can open the unique links for each of your online waiver form and start to collect waivers online!

Collect Online Waivers using Digital Waiver Kiosk App

Free online waiver kiosk app available for iPad, Android tablets and Amazon Fire tablets. You can download the waiver software on these mobile devices and turn them into the dedicated waiver station. The digital waiver signing app also supports offline mode. You can sign waivers without internet connection.

Waiver Electronic: Sign online waivers

Waiver Electronic: Sign online waivers

Manage the Signed Electronic Waivers Online

All of the signed waivers are stored in our online waiver system securely. You can search and find your signed online waivers agreements within seconds.


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